Letters: Give the jobless a break, Congress

Re "Out of work and out of alternatives," Feb. 7

I don't wish to heap scorn on Kevin Meyer, the onetime six-figure earner no longer eligible for unemployment benefits. But was he saving when he was pulling down probably $2,000 a week?


I'm not saying he and his family should have scrimped, but when he was employed as a spokesman for a rental car company, he could have put $25,000 a year into an accessible rainy-day fund while still enjoying life.

Most of those out of a job who are facing the abyss into which the Republicans in Congress are pushing them are falling from a lesser height than Meyer. By and large, they never had any fat years.

These unfortunate millions deserve sympathy and action. We need to pressure our representatives to act on behalf of those at the end of their rope, including Meyer.

Bart Mills

Manhattan Beach

In 1987, President Reagan stood in Berlin and challenged the Soviet leader to tear down the wall. To him, the wall was a manifestation of extreme oppression.

Today, all well-meaning Americans, Republicans and Democrats, must look at the plight of Meyer and demand that this do-nothing Congress do something. Because of Congress' insensitivity, are these unfortunate Americans not being subjected to extreme oppression? Congress must pass legislation immediately to extend unemployment benefits and raise the federal minimum wage.

Some Republican members of Congress have portrayed out-of-work Americans as lazy. It is shameful that they don't check their own legislative accomplishments.

Unless Congress cleans up its act soon, incumbents should be voted out en masse.

Bina Nandi

Anaheim Hills