Letters: Bringing an L.A. park back to life

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Re “Finally, a lifeline,” March 16

How can the vacuuming up of toxic sludge from a park lake in Los Angeles compare — in the arena of the world’s daily news cycles — with the high-stakes drama of the search for a missing airliner?

And yet, stories about re-growing our local “abused paradises” are actually more important. Because the future of humans depends on functioning environments, we need to know all about the myriad ways people are nurturing their communities. Learning about a science teacher’s students planting native black sage and coyote brush to attract native birds and insects shows us how very doable it is to make worthwhile contributions.

Bringing a park back to good health is a slow-motion drama. We may not feel the dynamic importance in the present moment, but in the long term, it is part of a dramatic victory for life on Earth.


Maggie Blankley

Los Angeles


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