Letters: Why Anita Hill’s testimony rang true

Re “Still fighting over Anita Hill,” Letters, March 20

One letter writer wonders how columnist Robin Abcarian “knew” Anita Hill’s testimony in the Senate confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was true. I imagine it was the same way I also “knew.”

I knew Hill’s testimony could be true because I had direct experience hearing the same sorts of remarks from men. Knowing that Hill had little to gain and much to lose, her testimony tipped the scales for me toward belief.

As the modern-day equivalent of the caveman clubbing and dragging “his” woman by her hair, sexual harassment is just as much about power as about sex.


The all-male committee before whom Hill sat probably had had no equivalent experiences by which to realize the truth of her testimony. For me, it was exciting to see someone finally standing up.

Hill did much to raise awareness of sexual inequality. The recent testimony and resultant vilification of Sandra Fluke shows there is still a long way to go.

Carole Cooper

Manhattan Beach



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