Readers React: California courts in dire straits

Ted Rall, with a few strokes of his brush, has nailed the broken state of justice in the California courts, earlier documented so well in a May 10 Times article. But it was hard to laugh. (“If our courts are broke, how can Californians get divorced? An idea.,” Opinion, May 15)

Closures of courthouses and the loss of thousands of court jobs profoundly affect everyone: victims of crimes and accidents, abused and neglected children, homeowners, landlords and tenants, small and large businesses, consumers, and those who just want to clear up a ticket.

We can only hope that as the governor and the Legislature make the final decisions on scarce budget resources, they recognize that adequate funding of what was once one of the finest court systems in the country is a major key to the future growth and health of California.

Andrea Sheridan Ordin


Pacific Palisades

The writer is a former U.S. attorney, California chief assistant attorney general and Los Angeles County counsel.