Letters: Who pays for what care

Re “Cancellation blues,” Editorial, Nov. 1

Obamacare is not a cure-all. But it is a step toward single-payer, which is better than what we have.

However, the editorial doesn’t acknowledge how much the canceled policies are a problem for folks in my boat. I pay $637 a month for a family of four. Surgery and other costs this year, after a whopping $8,500 deductible, still cost less than we would be paying under the new law.

Anthem Blue Cross canceled my current plan and offered a substitute with similar coverage for $1,365 a month. Because I am not eligible for subsidies on the Covered California insurance exchange, Obamacare turns out to be a financial hardship for my family.


Your editorial brushes aside this pain. You say, “Obama clearly overpromised” instead of “he made a mistake.”

The Affordable Care Act is a partial step in the right direction: it’s half-baked.

David Goldenberg




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