Letters: Concerns of Jewish voters

Re “Turning point,” Opinion, Aug. 23

Unfortunately, the call for action by the platforms of both the Republican and Democratic parties in 1944, asking for the admission of refugees fleeing the Holocaust in Europe, was too little, too late. In the absence of any real action, only a minuscule number of Jews were saved. Platforms are meaningless without prompt action.

Now we are faced with a similar situation, with Iran, a state whose president called for Israel to be wiped off the map, openly building up its nuclear capabilities. So far we have indulged in meaningless words with no success.

Under these circumstances and remembering the Holocaust, Israel has no option but to respond to an existential threat.


Nelson Marans

Silver Spring, Md.

Rafael Medoff reduces the Jewish electorate to a one-issue voting bloc and ignores the progressive mandates of Jewish law. Commentators like him don’t seem to care that more of us will vote based on healthcare and education than on Israel, and we’ll vote that way because of our religion.

Raphael Mazor

Long Beach


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