Letters: Wind farms and birds don’t mix


Re “Avian radar units in the wind,” May 28

In the rush to promote renewable energy, what else is flying under the radar?

TheU.S. Department of the Interiorhas directed the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to extend permits allowing “non-purposeful takes” (read: bird kills) of golden and bald eagles for five years to 30 years.


If this is enacted, it will give wind farms a 30-year window to continue “non-purposeful” killing of golden and bald eagles, condors and other migratory birds.

Will there be any raptors left after 30 years?

Claudia Spotts

Joshua Tree

Though I realize the importance of protecting individual species, I would be grateful if a future article would address the implications to all species if we continue to source human energy from fossil fuels. Those are also dots that need connecting.

Kathi King

Santa Barbara


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