Letters: Not so fast on L.A.'s group home ordinance

Re “Group homes law needs work,” Column, June 13

The Los Angeles City Council has a critical opportunity to protect housing for our most vulnerable neighbors. Its vote on the Community Care Facilities Ordinance will decide whether thousands of low-income city residents will be in jeopardy of losing their housing.

This ordinance will not only limit access to affordable housing but also increase our city’s costs with unnecessary litigation and restrictions to federal funding, not to mention create a red tape nightmare for property owners and tenants. The City Council should be focusing on how we can improve enforcement of existing nuisance abatement laws, not adding more bureaucratic, costly laws that will do more damage than good.

The City Council should demonstrate that it cares for all our residents by creating a solution that fosters strong, healthy communities for everyone.


Elise Buik

Los Angeles

The writer is president and chief executive of United Way of Greater Los Angeles.


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