Letters: Men, women and history

Re “A woman’s touch,” Opinion, May 11

Why is it such an amazing idea that “mom” might have some answers on running a business?

Thousands of years of patriarchal dominion, with men’s values of “assertiveness, competitiveness and even aggression,” have given us endless wars, price-gouging, indecent pay inequalities, discrimination, concentration camps, slavery, child labor, class warfare and holocausts.

If women had had a public voice these past few thousand years, what kind of world would we have? (Delve into obscure history treatises to find the types of things women have been doing almost unnoticed, such as running soup kitchens and hospitals during wars and educating minorities.)


In 1829, Frances Wright said the progress of civilization depended on the progress of women. Men have built the civilization they wanted. Now, let’s get to a point where women’s values can undo the horrendous damage done by men’s values.

Thea Iberall

Laguna Woods


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