Letters on Letters: What Obama has done for us


Last Sunday, letter writer Robert A. Lebo of Valencia wrote that he was bewildered on election night watching millions vote for President Obama. He asked: “What happened to those people over the course of this four-year presidency that would inspire them to throw their support behind this president? Did these millions of citizens see an increase in the value of their homes ... their 401(k)s ... did roads and bridges improve?... Did they find better-paying jobs?... Do they feel safer from terrorists?...

“What happened? What did I miss?”

Carl Godlewski of Venice, among others, responded:

The letter writer asks why people like me voted for Obama. Here goes:

• Yes, my house value has gone up, along with most households.

• The president took aim at college tuition costs, and through the Dream Act, expanded opportunities for many students.


• With a 50% increase in the market, my 401(k) is back to pre-2008 levels and higher than ever.

• Utility and food pricing goes up every year irrespective of which party is in power.

• Many roads and bridges were improved through Obama’s stimulus program.

• Unemployment has decreased.

• Osama bin Laden is dead, and I feel much safer.

James Percival of Newport Coast offered his thoughts:

I saw a man restore dignity, intelligence, principle and honesty to the office of the presidency;

I saw a man restore the reputation of my country throughout the world by acting with restraint and humility in the face of historic events, including an unprecedented wave of liberation movements throughout Africa and the Middle East.

I saw a man attempt to act in a fiscally responsible manner by trying to permit minor tax cuts on the wealthiest among us (myself included) to expire so that just maybe, some of the ballooning deficit generated by the fiscally unsound policies of his predecessor can be paid down;

I saw a man sign an economic stimulus bill that, although its impact was lessened by provisions demanded by Republicans as the price of their support, staved off another Depression and saved or generated millions of jobs;


I saw a man whose every initiative was opposed by Republicans motivated not by what was good for our country but by their desire to deprive him of achievements that would enable him to be elected to a second term, but who nonetheless charted a responsible, positive course.

Michael O’Neill of Los Angeles concurred:

As a matter of fact, I did see an increase in the value of my home again, after losing equity in the previous administration.

And yes, after my 401(k) had lost nearly half its value, it fully recovered during the last four years. And after being “downsized” in 2008, I have found better-paying and much more fulfilling work as a freelancer.

Also, I do feel safer now that Bin Laden is gone.

And my street was just repaved last week.

Thanks for asking!

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