Letters: Fighting cancer without Lance Armstrong

Re “Livestrong’s future,” Editorial, Aug. 19

Lance Armstrong channeled enormous fame to fight cancer. Following his lead, my daughter Cece and I wore his Livestrong bracelet. We walked, ran, swam, rode and gave money, blood and time to defeat cancer.

After Cece’s cancer diagnosis, we wore leukemia orange beside Armstrong’s yellow bracelet with “Cece Be Strong” inscribed on it. She died Feb. 19, a loving 9-year-old, courageous and hopeful to the end.

On his bike Armstrong led the world’s best across France. Off his bike, he’s accused of running the “most sophisticated, professionalized and successful doping program that sport has ever seen.”


It’s no longer about Armstrong. For survivors and victims, for those not affected and those who will be, let’s continue to walk, run, swim, ride and give to beat cancer. And with a simple swab, you too can “be the match” to save a life.

Arthur G. Svenson



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