Letters: Touched by our better angels

Re "Plumbers turn pipe dream into reality," Column, July 30

What a pleasure to read David Lazarus' article on plumbers Dave and Jim Schuelke deciding, after a routine leak inspection, to do a complete bathroom remodel for a woman caring for her disabled son and husband.

I watched the YouTube video created by the Schuelkes showing the transformation of the bathroom. It was a lovely thing for them to do.

Of course, my husband chuckled and said, "I wanted to know where the leak was coming from."

Hannah R. Kuhn

Simi Valley

After reading Lazarus' article, then viewing the Schuelke brothers' video (while crying like a 13-year-old girl at a Justin Bieber concert), I realized that Lincoln's "angels of our better nature" really still exist out here in la-la land.

Thanks to Lazarus for telling the story, and most especially to the Schuelke brothers. Karma, if it's doing its job, is going to be really good to them.

Charles Ruebsamen

West Hollywood

I have a similar story.

I'm a wrestling coach and had a neck surgery go bad last month. I developed central cord syndrome, my hands went numb and I lost 80% of my strength. I couldn't walk or feed myself. On top of that, I care for my college wrestling coach, who is 93, so we had many bathroom access issues.

One of my former wrestlers heard about my problems, and his construction company came in and did a bathroom remodel, free of charge. There are many good folks out there.

Tom Hazell



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