Letters: Social workers’ crushing caseloads

Re “‘Blind leading blind’ at county child services,” Feb. 14

Certainly, a child services worker who does not properly investigate abuse cases by asking thorough questions deserves blame. But let’s look at another side.


As The Times notes, a single social worker can be responsible for up to 160,000 abuse hot-line calls a year. For a standard five-day workweek, that equates to more than 600 calls a day. The sheer number of calls is so overwhelming that it becomes unfair to lambaste the workers for not committing 100% to each case.

Critics should focus on parents as well. It is they who contribute more directly to the child deaths blamed on the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services.

Instead of dealing with the root of the injustice, society looks to social workers to clean up the mess. The sadistic parents should also shrivel under the glare of criticism.

Elissa Wu

Fountain Valley


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