Letters: Dodgers TV deal strikes out with fans

Re “Dodgers’ TV deal could be game changer,” Jan. 23

Dodgers owner and Guggenheim Partners President Todd Boehly says the Lakers, by establishing their own TV network with Time Warner Cable, are “communicating with their fan base.”


I was a fanatical Lakers fan, and I’ve felt sold out by my team, as I don’t have Time Warner as my cable provider. However, since I haven’t been able to watch any Lakers games, I’ve become more aware of the amazing Clippers, whose games I can watch, and they’re now “my” team.

I can only assume that the Dodgers will lose fans whose providers don’t carry the new Time Warner channel.


Ellen Butterfield

Studio City

What chutzpah for Time Warner to pay the Dodgers billions to broadcast games and then bill me and millions of other subscribers. Well, here’s news, Time Warner: If I have to pay one penny more to add more sports channels that I never watch, you are going to lose another customer.

It’s my money, my choice.


Leon Sturman

Sherman Oaks


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