Letters: Why student behavior matters


Re “Rule on defiant students revised,” May 15

The Los Angeles Unified School District’s ban on student suspensions for “willful defiance” reminded me of when I was observing class as a requirement for my teaching credential roughly 40 years ago.

The teacher I was observing sent a defiant student out of the room. Not having had a classroom of my own yet, I still believed everything I had been told in my teacher training classes.


After class, I questioned the instructor, noting that the student sent out of the classroom wasn’t learning anything. Her reply: “Yes, but the rest of my students are.”

My question was off-base. The student was learning that there are consequences.

Doreen Lorand


Re “Classroom breakfasts preserved,” May 15

Why don’t schoolchildren have breakfast at home before they leave for school, and carry a paper bag with a sandwich and a small drink for lunch? It worked fine when I went

to school 75 years ago in Scandinavia.

Albert Jakobsen




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