Letters: The religious right's conversion

Re "Seeking souls, not votes," Opinion, April 2

Holy doctrinal evolution! The Southern Baptist Convention's Russell Moore urged conservative evangelicals to shelve ardent efforts to thwart gay marriage and even to push hard for immigration reform.

The religious right's reassessment of its regressive political agenda may stem from placing too much blind faith in electing conservative evangelicals. After all, in recent times such politicians — while sermonizing on gay marriage, illegal immigration and more — have wound up favoring wealthy patrons' interests much more than those of their faithful electoral base.

As religious conservatives take a more socially enlightened stance, they can more convincingly celebrate their faith by singing "Amazing Grace." That vintage gem's lyrics now seem as apt as ever:

"I once was lost but now am found; was blind, but now I see."

Greg Gilbert

Cool, Calif.


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