Letters to the Editor: Here’s a revolutionary idea to fix homelessness — lower rent

Recreational vehicles line Main Street in Venice Beach on Jan. 18.
Recreational vehicles that serve as homes for the unhoused line Main Street in Venice Beach on Tuesday.
(Los Angeles Times)
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To the editor: I read Steve Lopez’s column on L.A. mayoral hopeful Rep. Karen Bass that focused on our favorite complaint here on the Westside — homelessness. While I agree that it’s a huge problem, I’m tired of hearing about it.

How about fixing homelessness by fixing rent? If people could afford apartments, they wouldn’t be desperate for housing.

I want our local and state politicians to address homelessness on the front end, not just the back. All around me are new housing developments, some comprising hundreds of apartments, including studios that rent for $3,000. How is that helping anyone but the developers and corporate landlords?


Our politicians, from the local to the state level, sidestep legislation to provide affordable housing, continuing to give rich real estate investors great deals in prime locations. What’s going to happen when we run out of tax and grant money for alleviating homelessness and still have a problem?

Barbara Pawley, Los Angeles


To the editor: With this most recent tragic killing of Sandra Shells by a homeless person, yet another preventable tragedy is blamed on a lack of mental health services. What an outrage to impute this horrendous act of violence against Shells by another individual.

I guess if we can no longer fault the individual for perpetrating the act, then it’s not really a crime.

As for the alleged killer, Kerry Bell, I’m sure mental health will be solely blamed. After all, it’s the excuse for the new millennium.

No one is responsible for their actions anymore.

Kevin Lee Smith, San Pedro