Letters to the Editor: Don’t count out hybrids. EVs are still impractical for many drivers

A Mobil gas station
Gas prices at a Mobil station in Westchester top $6 per gallon on March 13.
(Jason Armond / Los Angeles Times)
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To the editor: OK, electric vehicle and gas car drivers, how about this very practical (although temporary fix for climate change) compromise — hybrid cars? (“Electric cars aren’t perfect, but we EV drivers are glad to have one now,” Opinion, March 12)

Why are battery-gas hybrid cars better than fully electric vehicles? Many people who live in apartments or townhomes are not able to install chargers in communal electrical systems. And, hybrids are half the cost to run and less than half the cost to operate and repair than gas-powered cars.

Yes, my husband and I are those Prius drivers. Try a hybrid; you won’t miss the money you won’t spend.


Judy Graff, Studio City


To the editor: Even before the war in Ukraine, there were articles in this as well as in other publications urging car drivers to buy an electric vehicle.

If you love the look of your car, why not just convert it to electric? It’s often cheaper than buying a new electric car.

I suggest high school and junior college auto classes take on this project. Young people could learn a new business that will become very important, and there will be fewer discarded cars (except for their gasoline engines, of course).

The platinum in the catalytic converters could be sold to help fund this work instead of going to thieves.

Barbara Snider, Huntington Beach



To the editor: Saturday’s letters were devoted to opinions on battery-powered electric cars. Sadly, there was no mention of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Honda, Hyundai and Toyota all sell hydrogen-fueled cars, which are highly superior to electric cars. We don’t have to worry about disposing of used batteries or sourcing the materials for the batteries, which is not environmentally responsible.

Also, hydrogen-fueled cars emit only water.

Gregory Allen Harman, Rancho Cucamonga