Letters to the Editor: An abortion doctor’s heroism and a challenge to ‘pro-lifers’

A man in green scrubs and a white doctor's coat stands in a doorway while talking on a telephone.
Dr. Warren Hern, shown at his Boulder, Colo., clinic, has been performing abortions since the 1970s.
(Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times)
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To the editor: Dr. Warren Hern, an 83-year-old physician who has operated the Boulder Abortion Clinic in Colorado since the 1970s, has saved the lives of countless women who might have died from botched abortions. If the U.S. Supreme Court strikes down or guts Roe vs. Wade, many more women will die.

There could be another set of “victims” here: children who end up in the adoption and foster care system who suffer abuse and abandonment. So, I have a solution.

Anyone who works to strike down Roe vs. Wade, including the justices of the high court, should be required to adopt a minimum of two children stuck in the system, feed and clothe them and dedicate the next 20 years of their lives in service of these children, who never asked to be put in this situation.


Ellen Faulk, Los Angeles


To the editor: I found the abortion journey of Dr. Hern remarkable in a disturbing sense. His commitment and calling to provide abortions are lofty yet heartbreaking.

Although his motives are clear — to help women and keep them from harm, and maybe even death in some cases; to provide a way out for unplanned pregnancies; and to eliminate the preborn who have severe abnormalities — he seems to miss the critical point: whether or not the preborn are people.

If they are, none of his motives keeps us from drawing the conclusion that homicide is occurring.

Additionally, Dr. Hern confuses finding a solution with eliminating a problem. Before he injects digoxin into a preborn body, stopping the heartbeat, I hope that he seriously reflects on this, since technology and science are increasingly showing that a fetus is not a clump of cells. Rather, it has its own genetic code, heart, circulatory system and more.

Wesley Stalnaker, Santa Clarita



To the editor: I was in awe reading two Times articles featuring pioneering physicians who are still going strong and making enormous medical contributions.

Dr. George Berci’s practicing, innovating and writing at the age of 101 are nothing short of a miracle. His achievements in the field of gastrointestinal medicine are saving lives and reducing healthcare costs.

And, the dedication of 83-year-old Dr. Hern, who continues fighting to ensure access to legal abortions, is so inspiring. Thank you for highlighting these achievements and the fact that one is never too old to follow a passion and improve the lives of others.

Peggy Jo Abraham, Santa Monica


To the editor: I know many people have expressed hate toward the incredibly brave Dr. Hern. I don’t know how to express my outrage at all the “pro-life” people who have no interest in caring for or adopting these unwanted or neglected children.

Why is it your right to inflict years of suffering and expense on both a parent and a child who has serious deformities? Are you going to pay for their needs? I doubt it.


How do you explain to the child of rape who their father is? Where is it written in the Bible that God said anything about abortion?

Who are these people — mostly men, I might add — to decide what’s best for anyone else?

Barbara Busch, Santa Barbara