Letters to the Editor: The RNC’s rejection of presidential debates is another blow to democracy

A debate between then-President Trump and Joe Biden on Oct. 23, 2020.
People attend an outdoor watch party Oct. 23, 2020, in San Francisco for the final debate between then-President Trump and Joe Biden.
(Associated Press)

To the editor: It started as a slow simmer as millions ignored becoming overly agitated by laws passed to take away voting drop boxes, in addition to other obstacles that make voting more difficult for ordinary Americans. For some people, new regulations meant many hours of waiting to cast a vote.

With the Republican National Committee’s decision to pull out from the previously bipartisan Commission on Presidential Debates, our democracy is now on a high flame toward evisceration.

We must become active citizens, help people register, work to get Americans to the polls and remind every single person that their vote is their voice — and if these voices are curtailed, it will allow autocracy to flourish.


I fear that anything less than a tsunami of a turnout will speed the demise of our democracy.

Roz Levine, Los Angeles


To the editor: So, hold the presidential debates in a timely manner and invite the Republican nominee. Hopefully there will be a lively discussion between the independent, Democratic and Republican candidates.

If the Republican chooses not to come, what does it tell the nation?

I suspect the RNC is doing this mainly because former President Trump does not debate well.

Jeanie Phillips, Thousand Oaks