Letters to the Editor: Not indicting Trump would put democracy at risk. So would indicting him

Former President Trump at a rally in North Carolina.
Former President Trump appears at a political rally in Wilmington, N.C., on Sept. 23.
(Chris Seward / Associated Press)

To the editor: I’d take a deep breath before going down the road of prosecuting former President Trump. Be careful what you wish for, as it might come back to bite you.

Remember when then-Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid changed the rules in the Senate in 2013 to allow his party to get more judges appointed without a consensus? This partisan change then allowed the Republicans to get through their latest three Supreme Court nominees. How did that work out for the progressive wing?

If Trump is prosecuted, and if the GOP takes control of the House and Senate starting in 2023, you will see more Democrats investigated. The Republicans will start with President Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco), Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Burbank) and others. Payback will not be fun.


Jeffrey Whitfield, Santa Ana


To the editor: If Trump is not prosecuted after a mountain of evidence detailing his infamous and seditious actions has been revealed, then all the sacrifices made by millions to maintain our unique democracy during the past 246 years will have been a tragic waste.

This man has poisoned our political system. Perhaps the only really interesting aspect of his infamy is that he has attracted to his side nearly every other prominent weak-minded grifter and exposed the Republican Party as a vacuum.

We must hold this man accountable in order to redirect our efforts to maintaining a stable, vital country.

Carleton Cronin, West Hollywood


To the editor: How much evidence is necessary for Atty. Gen. Merrick Garland to indict, prosecute, convict and imprison Trump? The evidence for doing so is overwhelming.


Anyone else committing such a long list of crimes would already be imprisoned for decades in a penitentiary. The consequences of delaying or avoiding justice in Trump’s cases far outweigh any consequence of doing so.

The attorney general should have the intestinal fortitude to seek justice and prevent any future coup attempt by this traitor.

Ricardo Small, Albany, Ore.