Letters to the Editor: Should journalists cover election deniers like Douglas Frank?

Douglas Frank, a former Ohio schoolteacher, speaks in Sherman Oaks on May 17.
Douglas Frank, a former Ohio schoolteacher, speaks in Sherman Oaks on May 17.
(Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: When I saw election denier Douglas Frank on The Times’ front page, my initial reaction was disgust that such a forum was given to a cluster of complete lies, although this was noted repeatedly.

Upon reflection, I now strongly feel quite the opposite.

A newspaper’s absolute objective is to note events that occur. The front page is the exact place to inform about this vast problem.

Horrifyingly, Frank’s buffoonery is only a symptom of the seditious underbelly menacing our democracy. Let’s pause, with disgust, to note this seedy carnival barker might be making a modest living off this bilge.


But, we can also note that the majority of voters are decent thinkers amid the rubes. Cockroaches scurry away when light is shined upon them.

I hold my nose and commend The Times.

Mark Diniakos, Thousand Oaks


To the editor: Frank is crusading around the country following the jet stream of the greatest carnival barker of all time. He, like former President Trump, is squeezing the remaining juice out of the lemon of a con job that has raised countless dollars.

Here’s the rub. The millions of Trump donors who are sending in their twos and fews aren’t ignorant to the fact that they’re being conned. They don’t care. The Donald is their perceived last savior for their misguided hope of “making America white again.”

Trump’s lies, alleged crimes and racist and homophobic agenda do not matter to them. You’re doing his flock a disservice and only emboldening them by selling them short on their knowledge of his shenanigans.

The election would be close even if Trump ran from behind bars.

Rod Lawrence, Los Angeles



To the editor: The real question about this character is how his nationwide rabble rousing has been financed.

This person has to pay for a home base residence somewhere, rent or mortgage, utilities, groceries, clothing, laundry, health insurance premiums and the like, not to mention travel costs and various incidentals.

While good hard-working folks like Frank’s nemesis Justin Grimmer, a Stanford political scientist, toil day in and day out to pay their bills, this guy is gadding about.

People who believe this guy or any other similar charlatan should ask themselves: Who’s paying the tab?

Susan Wolfson, Glendale


To the editor: I have no doubt that Frank believes his solution to ensuring safe elections is the only way to save our democracy.


That said, I almost fell on the floor laughing when I skimmed to the end of the article where Frank said, “We have to stop being sweet, polite Republicans.”

I guess he was referring to those Republicans who did not join the mob that attacked the United States Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

Ina Scott, Lancaster