Letters to the Editor: Do the Republicans celebrating Hunter Biden’s indictment favor gun control now?

Hunter Biden
President Biden’s son Hunter Biden leaves after a court appearance in Wilmington, Del., on July 26.
(Julio Cortez / Associated Press)
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To the editor: I have been alarmed for many years by the irony deficiency afflicting our country, particularly among those in public life and their media chroniclers. This malady is a significant contributor to our increasingly anemic attempts at self-governance and democracy.

The gleeful response by Republicans to the indictment of Hunter Biden on gun-related charges and the reporting of these events are good examples.

Republican politicians, at least for public consumption, have long regarded any attempts at gun control as the moral equivalent of Satan worship. They have tacitly or overtly accepted the slaughter of our children and their teachers by young men bearing assault weapons as a routine feature of the American landscape.


A couple of years ago they were promoting Kyle Rittenhouse for sainthood. Now they applaud an indictment involving a handgun that was apparently never used and was possessed for 11 days.

Couldn’t our media at least question National Rifle Assn. Chief Executive Wayne LaPierre to see what he thinks of this development?

Elliott Rothman, Santa Monica


To the editor: I’m glad to see the Republicans taking such a strong stance on gun control.

I assume the next step will be to fund the Federal Bureau of Investigation enough to go after every other American who has lied on a gun form.

Bradley Flanders, Whittier