Letters to the Editor: Rosalynn Carter shows us that human decency matters in leaders

First Lady Rosalynn Carter boards an airplane.
Then-First Lady Rosalynn Carter boards an airplane during a trip to Texas in September 1978.
(Diana Walker / Getty Images)

To the editor: The passing of former First Lady Rosalynn Carter reminds us of the glory of a better time — an era in which a simple life of hope, goodness and basic human decency defined many major figures on the national stage.

With her marriage partner of an astounding 77 years, the former first lady lived a life of purpose. Would that there would be more like her in such a turbulent time in our nation’s history, a time in which we find our people so divided.

Rosalynn Carter leaves a legacy through her lifetime of accomplishment. She made the world a better place. She enriched the lives of those fortunate enough to know her as well as all Americans.


Her memory will surely be an eternal blessing.

Oren Spiegler, Peters Township, Pa.


To the editor: The Carters were married for a total of 77 years, during which she served as a lifelong active partner to her husband, former President Jimmy Carter.

What a contrast to former President Trump, who is thrice married and started dating his second wife when he was still married to his first.

Rosalynn Carter sat in on Cabinet meetings, where she spoke freely, and she traveled with President Carter, presenting her viewpoints on various subjects, including mental health. She and her husband continued to work together to help others worldwide after he was president.

They were truly an outstanding couple.

Richard C. Armendariz, Huntington Beach