Column: California’s U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris — taking on the Trump White House in a ‘post-11/8' America

The last votes were still being counted in California last November, and the political gurus were already talking about seeing Democrat Kamala Harris’ name on a 2020 “for president” bumper sticker. The state’s former attorney general has been California’s junior U.S. senator for only a month, and already she’s been navigating through the most contentious presidential debut in modern times. Harris has also been out, outspoken and visible. She ran into her mother’s best friend at the January women’s march, and on Monday, protesting what she called a “Muslim ban,” she joined protesters in front of the White House. Since this interview, she’s pledged a “no” vote to President Trump’s education secretary nominee, and more cabinet votes are yet to come. Nothing like plunging right into the deep end.

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