Campaign mailer photo mixup: Long Beach, San Diego, whatever

A campaign mailer for Long Beach mayoral candidate Bonnie Lowenthal actually shows the San Diego skyline.
A campaign mailer for Long Beach mayoral candidate Bonnie Lowenthal actually shows the San Diego skyline.
(Bonnie Lowenthal for Mayor of Long Beach)

Doh! Imagine Assemblywoman Bonnie Lowenthal’s surprise when she received one of her own campaign mailers only to discover the photo on it was not her longtime home of Long Beach, where she wants to be mayor, but a picture of San Diego.

The giveaway was the skyline, which was obviously different, and the giant Navy vessel docked in the harbor.

Lowenthal told Times reporter Christine Mai-Duc that she had approved a nighttime photo of the Long Beach skyline for the brochure and was “shocked” when she received the piece in the mail. Her campaign staff apparently flagged the wrong photo and has apologized profusely.

Ah well, if you’ve seen one coastal California city, you’ve seen them all. And, really, how different are Long Beach and San Diego anyway?


Will the mix-up hurt Lowenthal? It’s unclear. She’s a front-runner among the 10 candidates running for mayor. She just snagged the endorsement of Gov. Jerry Brown. But the field also includes familiar local names who could suggest she and her staff are out of touch with Long Beach. Other candidates include Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske; Damon Dunn, a former NFL player and real estate investor; Jana Shields, a local nonprofit executive; Erick Rock; Richard Camp; Mineo L. Gonzalez; and onetime Los Angeles mayoral candidate Steven Mozena. The primary is April 8 with a June runoff.

One beneficiary of the mistake may just be the local printing company. Tim Grobaty with the Long Beach Press Telegram noted that Long Beach-based Seaside Printing was shut out of all the mayoral candidates’ mailing business. When he asked Lowenthal’s consultant Mike Shimpock  if the local company would have allowed the mistake, Shimpock admitted, “I believe they would’ve caught it.”

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