Readers React: Getting mental health help at college shouldn’t be so hard

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To the editor: While enrolling at my university, I was provided with all the resources it was thought I needed to succeed, including academic support and financial aid. It took six months for me to learn of on-campus psychological services. (“College students facing depression need more than a list of doctors to call,” Op-Ed, Feb. 11)

As a college student dealing with depression and anxiety, I constantly fear overwhelming stress and the inability to recuperate fast enough. Financial stress, piling course work and discomfort with roommates can be triggers for any adjusting student. It wasn’t until I read this article that I searched my university’s website for psychological services.

Although I am open about my issues and their toll on my social and academic lives, I find many students are not. Prioritizing mental health is not only the responsibility of students, but also of teachers and parents, who may not be advocating for those who need help.


Jennifer Seltzer, Thousand Oaks

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