Readers React: Want to save millions of people in Africa? Feed them.

To the editor: The possibility of finding an effective vaccine against Ebola is wonderful. This latest outbreak killed at least 11,000 over the last 18 months, and the actual number is probably considerably higher given the difficulty in reporting those who died without being counted or treated. (“Ebola vaccine highly effective in Guinea trial,” July 31)

Still, this number pales in comparison with the deaths from starvation in these same countries and where famine threatens millions more. We already have the answer to a cure for this deadly situation: food.

We do not have to spend millions on scientific research or take months to prove the theory of feeding people. We simply have to be prepared to spend the same kind of time and treasure on this outcome as we have spent and will spend on Ebola.

What number of deaths will it take to put this tragedy in the headlines every day? When will we begin to admit that the life of every African is as sacred as we consider our own?


Don’t stop the research and war on Ebola, but if we really want to save African lives, we should give them food.

Paul Elder, Agoura Hills

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