We all know Donald Trump's a bully. So why is he getting so much support?

To the editor: Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is a loose canon. A bully. He runs off at the mouth with little if any supporting facts to make his case. He disparages women and war heroes and Mexicans, to name just a few of his favorite targets. ("Will Megyn Kelly's question about women derail Donald Trump's candidacy?," Aug. 8)

And yes, he also is very rich and famous. Just ask him. He'll tell you all that, and much more.

My question is: Who are all these conservatives who have supported him so far and made him No. 1 in the polls? They must be kidding or have no idea what leadership qualities are really needed in today's dangerous world.

Trump as leader of the free world? Give me a break.

Bette Mason, Corona del Mar



To the editor: The controversy in the GOP about "what to do about" Trump reminds us of lessons we should remember from history class.

It's difficult for most people to stand up to a bully, because bullies speak for the hidden bully that lurks within many of us, and because bullies scare those who feel vulnerable, whether a child on the playground or a candidate for president. This has been true of big bullies (like Adolf Hitler), medium bullies (like Joe McCarthy) and little bullies (like Trump).

Some always speak out against a bully of whatever size, but most wait timidly. Eventually, there's a Joseph Welch, who memorably and publicly spoke out against McCarthy.

Where's the GOP's Joseph Welch? When he or she speaks out, we will remember.

Richard W. Merel, Hermosa Beach


To the editor: After reading this article in Saturday's paper, I turned to the Calendar section to read theater critic Charles McNulty's column on the same topic. In the second paragraph, McNulty writes that the Fox News moderators at last week's debate were "dominated by Megyn Kelly's eyelashes."

It seems that Trump isn't the only man who "aims insults at women."

Lucy Barajikian, North Hollywood

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