Hillary Clinton's emails and the myth of a 'secure server'

To the editor: I have to agree with former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson. This email "scandal" is of the media, by the media and for the media. ("Democrats defend Hillary Clinton's use of private email server," Aug. 23)

Really, "secure server"? This is the biggest oxymoron since "military intelligence." A secure server protected the Office of Personnel Management. It was hacked, and the information of more than 20 million people was stolen. The Internal Revenue Service was hacked; nearly 100,000 tax accounts were breached. Target? Hacked. Home Depot? Hacked. And let's not forget that paragon of American patriotism, Edward Snowden.


Ever since there has been communication, people have been finding ways to steal it. There is only one secure system in the world, and that is the Native American languages — yes, the code talkers.

Secure server? People might just as well believe in the tooth fairy.

R. Stephen Bolinger, Downey


To the editor: Nice try, former Gov. Richardson, suggesting that Hillary Rodham Clinton set up her private email server in 2009 partly "because of WikiLeaks," whose first major release of "classified" documents was in 2010.

Clinton must have been some kind of visionary, huh?

Meanwhile, the Democrats have gone into their nothing-to-see-here routine to try and prop up her falling campaign.

Mike Pavlovich, Long Beach

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