Readers React: How to ruin Silver Lake and other quaint neighborhoods

To the editor: As a resident of Silver Lake for 17 years, I’ve seen many changes, but the worst has been the rampant “developer-ization” of our neighborhoods by demolishing small, one-story bungalows and replacing them with towering, three-story structures. (“Hitting Garcetti’s goal of 100,000 new homes by 2021 won’t be easy,” Nov. 6)

The damage done by the hubristic championing of the egregious and misguided small-lot subdivision ordinance by our past and current pro-development, pro-density, pro-business mayors, Antonio Villaraigosa and Eric Garcetti, will far outlast any positive aspects of their tenures.

Should there be any doubt, I will gladly give Garcetti and Dana Cuff, the director of UCLA’s cityLAB, a guided tour of the streets where I live so they may clearly see the irreparable harm being done to formerly charming neighborhoods.

John Bertram, Los Angeles


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