Opinion: Radical ‘antifa’ protesters do their cause no favors by commiting violence

Black Bloc and other Antifa protesters enter MLK Park in Berkeley on Aug. 27.
(David Butow / For the Times)

To the editor: The young radicals in Berkeley who engaged in mob violence against supporters of President Trump would do well to study how the radical left of 1930s Germany was suckered into physical confrontations with the Brown Shirts. (“‘Antifa’ violence in Berkeley spurs soul-searching within leftist activist community,” Aug. 29)

These confrontations provided the Nazi movement with the fodder it needed to defame the left, ultimately leading to its political obliteration.

Where’s the wisdom in that, Antifa?

Nick Lewis, Los Angeles



To the editor: I am at a loss to understand why California Penal Code Section 185, which outlaws the use of disguises including masks in the commission of any crime, is not being enforced at these scenes of violence.

Once these hooligans begin to disturb the peace, engage in vandalism, fail to disperse, disobey a police order, assault a protester or attempt to commit any crime whatsoever, they are in violation. Law enforcement should focus on masked violators and at least briefly detain them, even if only to identify them and photograph their faces.

There is a reason why members of the Ku Klux Klan hide behind hoods, and it is the same reason these Antifa radicals hide behind their masks.

Mike Post, Winnetka


To the editor: Why the soul-searching on the left? Fascism should be met with an overwhelming presence whenever and wherever it raises its ugly head.

Has anyone brought up the bizarre idea that maybe the alt-right should do some soul-searching?

Ed Coonce, Encinitas


To the editor: There must be a better way to show your disapproval of fascists than to behave like them.

Jim Stein, Redondo Beach

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