Readers React: Why a Bernie Sanders-Donald Trump matchup in 2020 would be disastrous for America

Doyle McManus: Stop thinking of Bernie Sanders as a gadfly and start thinking of him as the front-runner
Bernie Sanders speaks in Washington on April 1.
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To the editor: The only candidate less qualified to be president than Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who seeks the Democratic Party nomination, is President Trump. (“Stop thinking of Bernie Sanders as a gadfly. He’s the front-runner,” column, April 7)

Sanders, unlike Trump, is not dishonest, unethical or less intelligent than most people. But he approaches every issue with anger and ideology, offering simplistic and unworkable economic policies. There is no reason to believe he would be any less polarizing or ineffectual than Trump.

A Trump-Sanders matchup would not only be disastrous for the nation, but it would raise serious questions about the judgment of wide segments of the American people, and about a political system that produced such unfit nominees.

David Perel, Los Angeles



To the editor: I offer several reasons why Sanders’ chances for securing the Democratic nomination are looking better than in 2016.

Chairman Tom Perez of the Democratic National Committee will run the party far more fairly than Debbie Wasserman Schultz did in 2016. Similarly, moderators of future debates won’t be tipping their preferred candidate. News networks won’t be calling the primary as over before the last states go to the polls.

Sanders will likely run far better in southern states and in cities than he did in 2016. Finally, Democratic “superdelegates” will have little or no power to mislead the public, the media and the party as to who is the front-runner.


Let’s hope that the Democrats run a clean campaign. If so, they’ll nominate the best candidate to defeat Trump.

Frederick L. Glasser, Orange


To the editor: Sanders is not the front-runner for this liberal Democrat. I’m not worried about his left-of-center message frightening the “centrist voter” that journalists seem obsessed with.

Instead, and speaking as an old white guy, I think the last thing we need in 2020 is a choice between two old white guys, neither of whom seems to be interested in or capable of discussing issues related to women or minorities.

Craig Zerouni, Los Angeles

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