Opinion: Vision zero? Slowing down cars with more bike lanes sounds more like zero vision.

raffic backs up on a recent weekday in Playa Vista.
(Christian K. Lee / Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: The article describes the horrendous impact on South Bay commuters from the automobile lane reductions on Vista del Mar near Playa del Rey and LAX, which were done as part of Los Angeles’ Vision Zero plan to completely eliminate traffic fatalities. (“Irate commuters threaten a lawsuit over narrowed streets in Playa del Rey,” June 23)

Vision Zero is appropriately named. There is no vision — at least for those who work in burgeoning job centers like Playa Vista and Santa Monica.

Take a look at Metro’s long-range plan. See how many mass transit routes are planned from LAX and South Bay to the Westside? The answer is simple: Zero. There’s a proposed line along Lincoln Boulevard., but the expected completion date is 2047. And the transit line between LAX and Westwood is not slated to open until 2057.

“Change is hard,” we are told. But we have nothing to change into. Let’s give harried South Bay commuters some reasonable transit choices besides 30 more years of gridlock.

Bob Wolfe, Hermosa Beach



To the editor: It’s time for commuters from South Bay cities to get over themselves. Vista del Mar is a recreation area for cyclists and beach goers. It is not a speedway for South Bay residents commuting north, who fail to acknowledge that they have created the same problems in their own communities where rush hour traffic crawls at 10 miles per hour.

Perhaps Bonin and Los Angeles City Atty. Mike Feuer can make a deal with Manhattan Beach. If that city will remove its bike lanes and street parking on Highland Avenue (which is the extension of Vista del Mar) to create a two-lane speedway, then our Porches and Mercedes will be afforded the rights and dignities deserved by the beach city residents.

Of course, the prior paragraph is meant as humor, and I truly hope Los Angeles continues its push to accommodate all its residents and their access to its beaches.

Dennis Sitzgerald, Manhattan Beach

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