Opinion: Gov. Jerry Brown’s disgraceful veto of more bullet train oversight


To the editor: Gov. Jerry Brown’s veto of the bipartisan bill to mandate more thorough financial oversight of the bullet train project reminds me of a toddler clutching a piece of candy. Sadly, what Brown holds so fiercely is a project with a record of huge, endless cost-overruns, lawsuits and delays. (“Gov. Brown vetoes bill aimed at improving bullet train oversight,” Sept. 28)

I am a lifelong Los Angeles resident. I volunteer regularly to help feed the area’s homeless, a population increasing at a rate to rival the rising costs of Brown’s high-speed train. California has more urgent need than a new high-speed train.

Steven M. Smith, Los Angeles



To the editor: Shame on Brown for vetoing a bill that would have asked the High-Speed Rail Authority to explain the cost, scope, schedule and how each segment of this project is to be paid for, despite bipartisan support in the Assembly and the Senate.

This is not the kind of “business plan” taxpayers deserve and pay for. What a shame.

John Jankoski, Pasadena

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