Opinion: Hey, Californians, stop this silly and dangerous #Calexit talk

Students protest against Trump
High school students from Santee Educational Complex and West Adams High protest the election of Donald Trump as President, marching on the campus of the University of Southern California on Nov. 10.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: At the risk of giving any more publicity to a so-called movement that I fear may become yet another media Frankenstein, and with recognition that there are many reasons to be afraid right now, I must say how disgusted and frightened I am by this California secession talk. (“‘Calexit’ movement says Trump win helps their calls for California to secede,” Nov. 9)

I don’t see anything “liberal” about the possibility of a tech millionaire-approved abandonment of friends, family and fellow human beings in a United States whose electorate would become redder than it already is. I don’t see anything righteous, comforting or safe (emotionally or physically) in walking away. 

Yes, let’s lead with progressive state-level policies. Yes, let’s channel our frustration into taking individual and collective responsibility in the upcoming fights for a United States we can stomach. 

But let’s not give credence to a petulant notion. Let’s be a courageous California, not a cowardly one.


Frances Jones, Berkeley

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