Readers React: The dire U.N. report on climate change gives voters another reason to oust Republicans

Greenpeace activists display a banner prior to a news conference on the latest U.N. climate change report in Incheon, South Korea, on Monday.
(Jung Yeon-je / AFP/Getty Images)

To the editor: While a majority of Americans oppose Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court, it is important not to lose sight of another reason to vote Republicans out this fall.

The recent United Nations report on climate change written by 91 scientists warns of dire consequences by 2040 if we continue on our current trajectory. Many Republican candidates are hoping to win in November by embracing President Trump, the climate denier in chief.

To elect more deniers is to lose precious time. Fortunately, not all Republicans are deniers. The House’s Climate Solutions Caucus currently has 90 members, intentionally divided equally between Democrats and Republicans. That’s only 45 Republicans out of the 235 in the House.


Please make sure your vote counts in favor of saving our precious planet. There is no Planet B.

John Wolfersberger, Upland


To the editor: Trump’s response to an incredibly grim prognosis on global warming is effectively to increase coal burning. Such arrogance operates on the belief that humans can control the world around us.

This betrays a willingness to sacrifice any species or any habitat for our own comfort. In so doing, we are condemning humanity to oblivion.

Unless we learn to follow the laws of nature, we have no chance at surviving. Life is connected everywhere in exquisite complexity that we are only beginning to understand. It is a miracle that we have learned so much as a species, but it is a tragedy that we have not developed the wisdom and the will to save ourselves and our fellow companions on Earth.

Nature has given humanity an ultimatum. Are we listening?

Phil Beauchamp, Chino Hills

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