Readers React: A school shooting wasn’t front-page news. That’s not a good sign

Officials guide students toward a recreation center where they were reunited with their parents after a shooting at a suburban Denver school on May 7.
(David Zalubowski / Associated Press)

To the editor: So common are school shootings like the one in suburban Denver on Tuesday, that the L.A. Times doesn’t even bother to report it on the front page of its print edition.

How many more children in this country will be terrorized by gun violence? Is there any issue more urgent that is not seriously discussed?

I say this to every single candidate running for president: Now is the time to stand up, speak up and make this the No. 1 priority for 2020. It is time to be bold and to change our gun culture, because lives depend on it and there isn’t a minute to waste.

Words of consolation are meaningless when schools continue to be the target week after week, year after year, even decade after decade. Why don’t we learn? Why don’t we care enough to change this?


We have failed our children miserably; they deserve better than to go to school afraid for their lives.

Frances Terrell Lippman, Sherman Oaks


To the editor: Liberal gun owner that I am, I hope (no doubt in vain) that my liberal brothers and sisters take a long breath before they begin banging the drum for more gun control after the most recent school shooting in Colorado.


Maybe then we can take a few moments to look hard and deep at the people closest to shooters who consistently know “absolutely nothing” about their friends’ or loved ones’ activities or motives.

The gun debate will go on forever; meanwhile, these killers do not materialize out of thin air.

Bob Loza, Big Bear Lake


To the editor: It’s a sad commentary on our nation that we’ve seen more than 40 school shooting so far this year. But it’s even a sadder commentary on the L.A. Times that it reported on the shooting in Colorado with a three-sentence photo caption in its print edition.

Are you that numb to the mayhem inflicted on our children?

Tom Clanin, Huntington Beach

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