Readers React: The last thing we need after Trump is a ‘normal’ president

Then-Vice President Joe Biden at an event in Los Angeles on Nov. 16, 2015.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: I hope Democratic voters do not take Jonah Goldberg’s advice to nominate a “normal” presidential candidate like former Vice President Joe Biden.

We are not in line for “normal” times for the foreseeable future because of an obviously damaged presidency, rapidly escalating international crises, the global population bomb and the looming climate crisis, which much of this country still refuses to even recognize as real.

Despite our booming economy, much of the country is still barely getting by, and President Trump has purchased this prosperity at the expense of huge budget deficits. When we last had this level of prosperity under President Clinton, the government had a balanced budget.

We need to meet our burgeoning problems head on, not attempt to sweep them under the table as Goldberg seems to believe is necessary.


Carl Mariz, Irvine


To the editor: Goldberg assumes that “normal” means elderly, white and male.

There are more women in this country than men, so “normal” must be female. There are far more voters under the age of 60 than over, so “normal” must be somewhere between 18 and 60 — let’s say it’s 40.


The white portion of the population is shrinking, so “normal” is likely somewhat darker in skin hue than the current president.

Furthermore, there are more citizens who want healthcare than don’t, and more who would like the students in their family to be free from debt than don’t. Also, all people want their grandchildren to be able to breathe clean air, drink clean water and visit our national parks.

Maybe we should redefine “normal.”

I am two-thirds of what Goldberg thinks is normal — old and white. But I also want my great-grandchildren to be able to enjoy this world we’ve messed up, as well as not to go bankrupt because of their education or medical bills.

Bonnie Yelverton, Fontana

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