Opinion: The real reason behind rising drug costs

Anger rising
Activists rally in New York during a protest against the price of drugs.
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To the editor: Back during the first term of George W. Bush, a prescription drug program became part of Medicare.

Despite the best efforts of the Democratic Party and others, Medicare was not given power to negotiate prescription prices with drug companies.

( “Drug prices surge even when rivals join market,” Business, Sept.1)

We can thank the Republican Party for that.


Attention seniors: Are you really, seriously considering voting Republican?

Charles Smith, Moreno Valley



To the editor: The major, missed point is Medicare pricing. Congress legislated that Medicare cannot negotiate pharmaceuticals pricing. The insurance companies follow Medicare pricing. Therefore we are all stuck with no pharmaceutical price relief.

We must demand that Congress change this law. We will have to keep the pressure on lawmakers, vote out recalcitrant congressional members and vote in people who will ignore the pharmaceutical lobbyists and pharmaceutical company donations.

I have no problem with companies making a reasonable profit, but this kind of greed is just sickening.

Cathy Gregory, Lompoc

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