Readers React: The California resistance’s next target: the EPA’s rollback of fuel economy standards


To the editor: No surprise that dirty energy advocate Scott Pruitt, now cynically the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, plans to roll back auto emissions targets (“EPA ready to roll back fuel targets,” March 30). Under Pruitt’s leadership, the EPA might more aptly be called the PPA, the Polluter Protection Agency.

Pruitt routinely defends his actions with industry talking points, that it’s not the EPA’s job to “pick winners and losers.” But the EPA’s sole purpose is to make the environment the winner, not his fossil fuel profiteer friends.

If the Parkland, Fla., survivors and their millions of followers were not already galvanized enough, Pruitt and the Republican Party can look forward to a youthful blue backlash in November. Young people are flexing their newfound power. And when it comes to firearm violence and environmental justice, they soon will be picking the winners and rightfully showing the door to the soulless losers.


Wendy Blais, North Hills


To the editor: Apparently many people do not believe the burning of fossil fuels causes climate change. What about pollution? That’s something everybody can see, and it will surely only get much worse if this rollback occurs. I guess the word “Protection” no longer applies to the EPA. It’s now just the Environmental Agency.

Elizabeth Thompson, Coronado


To the editor: No! California will not ease up on fuel targets for car manufacturers. The Trump administration, along with EPA destroyer Pruitt, wants to unravel our fuel standards in California. We just say no!

We will fight Pruitt in the courts until the end of time.

Ford and other U.S. car manufacturers better be careful with their zeal for ratcheting up these fuel targets. People already are abandoning American brands (for hybrids and other electric models). Ford shouldn’t give them any more ammunition to do so.

Mindy Taylor-Ross, Venice


To the editor: The EPA under Pruitt is racing to destroy fuel targets for our cars, oblivious to the progress we’ve made and the data that show health has improved in our country as we’ve had cleaner air to breathe. Doesn’t he care about the quality of air his wife, children and grandchildren will breathe? Doesn’t he care about anything but placating corporate interests?

Does he have any common sense running through his veins, or only a passion for oil, gas and coal — a love affair that will send us all to an early grave?

Roz Levine, Los Angeles

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