Readers React: A suggestion for groups supporting gun control: Get your act together

Semi-automatic pistols seen during the 2013 annual National Rifle Association convention in Houston
(KAREN BLEIER / AFP/Getty Images)

To the editor: If gun-control organizations such as Everytown, Brady, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and States United really want to reduce gun violence in the United States and neutralize the National Rifle Assn., they will unite to form a single massive organization.

Your average American can’t name one anti-gun-violence organization. Everyone has heard of the NRA.

The organizations opposing gun violence speak with many small voices. The NRA speaks with one very loud voice.


One huge organization opposing gun violence and supporting gun control could be more powerful than the NRA. The majority of Americans favor sensible gun control. A large organization could build a stronger support base than the NRA

As committed as they are, these organizations individually are little more than mosquitoes on an elephant’s rump. Please unite for the sake of every American child.

Tom Tyner, Clovis

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