Readers React: Surprise — ‘blue-collar’ Joe Biden is another millionaire politician

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden speaks at the City University of New York on Thursday.
(Bebeto Matthews / Associated Press)

To the editor: Gee, what a surprise to see that the list of “working-class” fighters for the “common man” who are actually multi-multi- millionaires has swelled to include “blue-collar” Joe Biden, the former vice president.

I often wonder if the outright hypocrisy of decrying income inequality, while minting their own millions, ever gives wealthy liberals like Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) even momentary pause. I suppose they assume American voters are so stupid that the utter incongruity of perception versus reality just simply doesn’t matter.

William David Stone, Beverly Hills



To the editor: As a three-decade supporter, sometimes advisor and former fundraiser for Biden, I do not have a problem with any former leader making money from selling books or speaking to corporations or sold-out theaters.

However, I find it totally hypocritical for Biden to collect $190,000 from Drew University in New Jersey and $180,000 from Vanderbilt University in speaking fees. Saying that these fees were paid by funds “not linked to school tuition” demonstrates how out of touch Biden’s presidential campaign is.

Couldn’t this money have been better better used for scholarships, mentoring programs or support for students?

If society wants an informed, educated, involved electorate, the Democrats on the debate stage should call for an end of the profiteering on college campuses. As all costs on college campuses are fungible, the middle-income students end up paying more and having greater debt when people get paid $190,000 for a one-hour speech.


When Biden, Warren and Sanders all are making millions each year from books and speaking tours, is it any surprise that most people who live on Main Street want to drain the swamp?

Howard C. Mandel, Los Angeles

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