Opinion: The best way to prevent another Manchester attack: Empower women in developing nations.

epa05984927 People lay tributes at a vigil for the people who lost their lives during the Manchester
People in Manchester lay tributes at a vigil for victims of the bombing at a pop concert in the city in northern England.
(Andy Rain / European Pressphoto Agency)

To the editor: Once again, our world is shocked by senseless acts of violence toward innocents with the sole intention of instilling fear. In identifying ways to reduce the number of terrorists and inhibit their activities, mainstream thought seems to be more arms and munitions. (“The Manchester bombing and Trump’s dubious Middle Eastern strategy,” editorial, May 23)

Why not spend our money on a well studied method: full access to education and birth control for women and girls in countries that incubate terrorism?

Educated women and girls who have a larger view of the world and their place in it and may not fall under the domineering patriarchal forces that dictate their roles as women. Educated women and girls with access to birth control can decide when or if to have a family.

President Trump wants to cut funding for women’s education and access to healthcare in these developing nations. One only has to look to Malala Yousafzai for inspiration and validation of this method.


Suzanne Beck, Long Beach


To the editor: Sixteen years ago, on June 1, 2001, a tragedy very similar to the attack in Manchester happened in Israel, when a Hamas suicide bomber murdered 21 young Israelis at a beachfront disco in Tel Aviv.

This barbaric event and many other similar ones in Israel were faced with a muted reaction in the world. Instead of sympathizing with the victims, various groups paid more attention to the killers’ motives and their presumed misery that could justify killing of innocent people. As the world kept quiet and defended the murderers, suicide bombing and terrorism by other radical Islamists became widespread in the Western world.


There is a saying that “what starts with the Jews doesn’t end with the Jews.” The world must understand that attacks on Israelis and Jews is the barometer for measuring intolerance and hatred, and those who justify killing of innocent people anywhere are complicit in these senseless murders.

Fariba Fischel Ghodsian, Los Angeles


To the editor: Apparently Trump, our name-caller in chief, was stymied by how he should label terrorist attackers, including the child-slaughtering Manchester bomber. He said he couldn’t call them “monsters” because they would like that name.

But thankfully he came up with the perfect solution. He would characterize these appalling murderers by the most damning epithet he could possibly imagine in his infantile, narcissistic universe: losers.

Boy, that really nails it. Mr. President, thanks for your leadership. Our children are watching. Now we know exactly how to explain the unthinkable to them.

Mary Nabours, Los Angeles

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