Readers React: Teachers put up with the abuse suffered by the arrested Maywood teacher far too often

To the editor: The saddest part of Maywood Academy High School teacher Marston Riley’s arrest is how the Los Angeles Unified School District let this teacher down.

This man, who went to college and probably worked hard to make a lasting impression on his students, was allowed to be insulted and terrorized by a student until the moment he appears to have lost his patience. It is clear from the video that he was pushed to the far ends of sanity.

Too many teachers face this kind of torture with little support from the school district. Nobody should have to work in this kind of environment. I for one will be contributing to the GoFundMe page set up for Riley.

Jeff Clement, Long Beach



To the editor: OK, educators, let’s raise those test scores.

Sandee Raven, Los Angeles

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