Readers React: With Mattis out, the U.S. enters a very dangerous phase of the Trump presidency

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis speaks during the 2018 POW/MIA National Recognition Day Ceremony at the Pentagon in Washington.
(Susan Walsh / AP)

To the editor: Unfortunately for our nation, we have a president who is not only unwilling to take the advice of individuals who are more knowledgeable on many topics than he is, but also one who recklessly wields his unilateral authority.

The resignation of Defense Secretary James N. Mattis is only the latest example in what is now a series of events that put our nation at risk.

The president’s order to remove our remaining forces in Syria represents an abnegation of our effort to restrain Islamic State and an opportunity for Iran to assert itself and present a mortal threat to Israel. It also assures Russia’s dominance in the Middle East.


Mattis has stood up against a policy that he opposes. Will the incoming Democratic majority in the House do the same, and will it have the support of the Republicans?

Nelson Marans, New York


To the editor: The emperor has no clothes. It would take a willfully blind eye to ignore the mounting evidence of our president’s disregard for the law and our security.

The president is willing to shut down the government, pull out of Syria and greatly draw down our forces in Afghanistan. He has ignored our friends and given comfort to our adversaries.

Americans have come together in past times of crisis. Now is the time to cast aside partisanship. I appeal to Congress to apply the methods provided in the Constitution for a peaceful removal of our disruptive president.

We are better than this.

Arthur Kraus, Venice


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