Readers React: Why don’t more people ride Metro buses? They smell bad, for one thing

Yurithza Esparza, 23, a Cal State Northridge student, commutes between school and her home in Boyle Heights.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: Former Metro regional governing council member Kymberleigh Richards confirmed in her July 7 letter to the editor what many of us have long thought: Many people who advise and make decisions for Metro do not in fact ride the system’s buses or trains.

If they did, they’d be keenly aware of some important realities: disruptive passengers, rampant fare evasion, elevators used as toilets and woefully inadequate security. One must get accustomed to the sights and smells if avoiding driving is a serious goal.

I’m glad to see Metro come as far as it has in recent decades, and the future is promising. But to seriously attract riders and reduce traffic congestion, safety and cleanliness issues must be addressed.

Sel Jackson, Los Angeles


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