Readers React: Think of all the bacteria living on your unwashed neckties

To the editor: Office ties are a public menace? Yes! But the surprise to me was Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris’ reasoning that ties might restrict blood flow to the brain and should be made optional for men by their employers.

I thought the article would go on to say that — since ties are often worn for years, never washed and rarely dry-cleaned — they are a source of billions of bacteria that can transfer to a nearby new host. In medical school and during my residency at UCLA, ties were required on rounds. Now, not so much.

I agree with Parris that we should stick our necks out — at least there will be fewer germs to menace our office colleagues and hospital patients.


Ricardo Reznichek, MD, Hermosa Beach


To the editor: Still tied up in 2018? It’s about time that men such as Parris declared war on the necktie. I hope others will man up too.

Years ago I was able to liberate myself and a few others at work thanks to a director who agreed it was time. I wore an alternative to the “uniform” consisting of a vest, an open-necked shirt and a loose-fitting western bolo tie. He approved.

Ron Ruscillo, Valley Glen


To the editor: Parris says ties restrict blood flow and wants to make wearing them optional. How about wearing shirts that fit?

Jim Kilby, Escondido

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