Readers React: Gov. Newsom’s decision to sue Huntington Beach over housing is costly, divisive and counterproductive

Gov. Gavin Newsom alleges Huntington Beach has failed to set aside sufficient land for new residential development, defying a California law.
(Rich Pedroncelli / Associated Press)

To the editor: I volunteer for a local program that serves employable homeless adults. I go to workshops on affordable housing and am around providers of social services. (“Targeted by Gov. Newsom over housing, Huntington Beach argues state’s efforts are unconstitutional,” Jan. 27)

Still, I cannot explain the rationale for the city of Huntington Beach not meeting its affordable housing quotient in a short letter to the editor. I know that our city has stand-alone apartments and houses (mostly for seniors and some for families) as well as affordable units allocated in recently constructed apartment buildings.

We know that it’s not enough. Most people agree that we desperately need affordable housing near schools and jobs. We don’t want people to be sleeping in our parks and young people moving away to raise their families.

But the Gov. Gavin-Newsom-backed lawsuit against Huntington Beach will be costly and divisive, so I urge him to take a step back. There are efforts moving the housing ball forward. We need to support them at the county and regional levels and act like adults.


Patricia Goodman, Huntington Beach


To the editor: The state lawsuit against Huntington Beach may seem a reasonable solution to a part of the housing crisis, but it tramples on the principle of local control and is short-sighted.

It should be accompanied by a long-term solution addressing the other end of the housing shortage imbalance. Namely, it should also address the need for free contraceptives statewide to allow population growth to stabilize naturally and to avoid the tragedy of unwanted children.


John Teotter, Los Angeles

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