Opinión: Standing Rock Sioux’s pipeline protest is a fight for humanity

On Oct. 22, North Dakota police arrested 126 people during what activists say was a peaceful prayer meeting at their encampment.

To the editor: Protesters and law enforcement differ on what’s happening near the construction site of an oil pipeline in North Dakota, but the demonstrations have been remarkably peaceful and the brutality of law enforcement and its attempts to silence media coverage are obvious. (“Clashes, arrests and fears — North Dakota pipeline protest at a boiling point,” Oct. 24)

What is also clear is industry and government’s ongoing disregard for tribal concerns, climate and the environment. Why haven’t the presidential candidates weighed in on this when so many Americans and even the United Nations have?

We are all stakeholders in the outcome. We don’t need this new pipeline or any other that would encourage production of fuel that we also don’t need and can’t afford to burn. The climate news worsens continually as models are refined, new data are obtained and climate change’s consequences become increasingly apparent.

The conclusion is clear: Fossils must remain in the ground. That is one reason I support the Standing Rock Sioux.

Carol Steinhart, Madison, Wis.


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